International Education Board, U.K. Accredited

The Department of Aesthetics and Cosmetology of the International Education Board, U.K. is a leading global body granting credentials and international accreditations to the studies in Aesthetics and Cosmetology which can be used   for educational purposes, professional applications, or for getting attractive placements. The IEB accreditation is limited to relevant schools, colleges, universities, private institutions and academies. Both these Accreditations and Certifications are awarded only after conducting strict Quality Standard Checks. 

The IEB nurses a special interest in supporting tertiary institutions (for people above school age) which provide Certificate Courses, Diploma Courses, Degree Courses, Master’s Degree Courses, and PhDs in Aesthetics and Cosmetology.

The IEB Accreditation confirms the reliability of the internal quality systems of the concerned institution. The IEB does this after thoroughly checking and analyzing the curricula as well as the overall functioning of the institution. [However each institution would be responsible for its ongoing teaching and research quality improvement.] Specifically, IEB grants its Accreditation after evaluating the following parameters of the relevant institution:
1) Academic Quality and Integrity
2) Qualification/s of Its Teaching Staff
3) Delivery of Programs
4) Student Services
5) Website Design and Performance
Hence the IEB Accreditation enables the recipient institution to pride itself for its international standards as well as to flaunt it! 

We, THE WESTERN INTERNATIONAL BEAUTY EDUCATION SCHOOL,  is proud to introduce ourselves as a prominent Beauty School having a Five-Star Accreditation from the IEB with effect   from 30th June 2022. Our Registration Number is IND9954. We earnestly invite your esteemed/kind attention to the ID of our    Accreditation Page on the internet:

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