15 Days Hair Master Class - Chemical Treatments & Coloring

Course Description: This intensive course delves into the science of hair chemistry and advanced hair coloring techniques. From understanding the chemical composition of hair to mastering intricate coloring methods, participants will gain the expertise to transform and enhance hair. Through a blend of theory and hands-on practice on live models, this course will empower you to offer a range of advanced hair color and treatment services.

Module 1: Hair Chemistry

  • The structure of hair: cuticle, cortex, medulla
  • Chemical bonds in hair: hydrogen, disulfide, salt bonds
  • Understanding pH balance and its impact on hair health
  • Effects of chemical treatments on hair structure and integrity

Module 2: Hair SPA

  • Introduction to hair spa treatments and their benefits
  • Steps of a hair spa procedure: oil massage, steaming, conditioning
  • Selecting appropriate hair spa products based on hair type and condition
  • Hands-on hair spa session: techniques for relaxation and rejuvenation

Module 3: Advanced Hair Color Theory

  • In-depth exploration of color theory: hue, saturation, value
  • Understanding the color wheel and complementary colors
  • Analyzing skin tone and eye color for personalized color choices
  • Effects of warm and cool tones on different hair colors

Module 4: Root Touchup

  • Techniques for precise and seamless root touchup applications
  • Matching hair color to existing shade and ensuring consistent results
  • Covering gray hair effectively using root touchup methods

Module 5: Global Hair Coloring

  • Understanding the process of global hair coloring
  • Application techniques for even and thorough color distribution
  • Creating natural-looking hair color transformations

Module 6: Advanced Hair Highlights: Balayage and Ombre

  • Introduction to balayage and ombre highlighting techniques
  • Achieving seamless color transitions with balayage
  • Gradual color shifts and defined contrasts with ombre
  • Blending techniques for a sun-kissed and dimensional look

Module 7: Hair Relaxing Treatment

  • Exploring hair relaxing techniques for managing curly and frizzy hair
  • Understanding the chemistry of hair relaxing products
  • Ensuring safety and optimal results during hair relaxing procedures

Module 8: Hair Smoothening and Straightening

  • Techniques for achieving smooth and straight hair
  • Understanding chemical straightening products and their effects
  • Tips for managing straightened hair and maintaining its health

Module 9: Keratin Treatment

  • Introduction to keratin treatments and their benefits
  • Application techniques for restoring and smoothing hair
  • Aftercare and maintenance of keratin-treated hair

Module 10: Botox and Nanoplastia Treatments

  • Exploring hair rejuvenation through botox and nanoplastia treatments
  • Techniques for infusing nutrients and revitalizing hair
  • Offering customized solutions for different hair concerns

Module 11: Practice on Live Models

  • Hands-on sessions with live models to apply learned techniques
  • Guided practical sessions for coloring, treatments, and styling
  • Building confidence and mastering the art of advanced hair chemistry and coloring

Assessment and Certification:

  • Continuous assessment through practical exercises and theoretical quizzes
  • Final practical exam where students showcase their skills on live models
  • Course completion certificate awarded to participants who demonstrate proficiency

15 Days

Professionals who are already into the Hair Industry

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