15 Days Hair Master Class - Theory & Cuts

This comprehensive course is designed to provide you with a deep understanding of hair science, terminology, cutting theories, and advanced techniques. From mastering the basics to exploring intricate styles, you'll gain the skills needed to excel in the field of hairdressing. Through theoretical lessons, hands-on practice, and working with live models, you will develop the expertise to create stunning haircuts and styles.

Module 1: Hair Science and Terminology

  • Introduction to hair structure, growth cycles, and composition
  • Understanding the anatomy of hair follicles, cuticles, and cortex
  • Exploring hair types, textures, and porosity
  • Learning essential hair-related terminology

Module 2: Product Knowledge

  • Overview of hair care products: shampoos, conditioners, serums, etc.
  • Understanding the role of different products in styling and maintenance
  • Evaluating product ingredients and their effects on various hair types
  • Selecting appropriate products for different hair needs

Module 3: Cutting Theory

  • Principles of balance, proportion, and symmetry in hair cutting
  • Introduction to the Golden Ratio and its application in hair design
  • Creating harmonious haircuts based on facial features and head shape
  • Exploring the psychology of haircuts and their impact on self-esteem

Module 4: Hair Analysis and Sectioning

  • Conducting a thorough hair analysis to determine texture, density, and condition
  • Techniques for precise hair sectioning before cutting
  • Identifying potential challenges and adapting cutting strategies accordingly

Module 5: Blow Dryer Techniques

  • Different types of blow dryers and their features
  • Understanding heat and airflow settings for different hair types
  • Learning techniques for achieving volume, smoothness, and texture
  • Heat protection and proper blow-drying practices

Module 6: Thermal Setting

  • Introduction to thermal styling tools: curling irons, straighteners, etc.
  • Understanding heat settings and their effects on various hair textures
  • Techniques for creating curls, waves, and sleek styles using heat tools
  • Ensuring client comfort and hair protection during thermal styling

Module 7: Basic to Advanced Haircuts

  • Step-by-step instruction on 15 essential haircuts, from basic to intricate
  • Graduated cuts, layered cuts, blunt cuts, pixie cuts, bobs, and more
  • Understanding elevation, tension, and finger angle in cutting techniques
  • Customizing haircuts based on individual preferences and hair characteristics

Module 8: Face Framing Layers and Precision Cutting

  • Techniques for creating face-framing layers to enhance facial features
  • Precision cutting: achieving clean lines and sharp angles
  • Incorporating texture and movement into precision cuts

Module 9: Layering and Texturizing

  • Understanding layering techniques for added volume and dimension
  • Texturizing methods: point cutting, slide cutting, razor cutting, and more
  • Creating versatile looks through strategic layering and texturizing

Module 10: Freehand Cutting and New Techniques

  • Exploring freehand cutting methods for organic, natural-looking results
  • Introduction to innovative cutting techniques in the industry
  • Pushing creative boundaries with asymmetry, disconnected cuts, and undercut designs

Module 11: Fundamentals of Haircut Consultation

  • Developing effective communication skills for client consultations
  • Understanding client preferences, lifestyles, and hair goals
  • Translating client expectations into achievable haircut designs

Module 12: Practice on Live Models

  • Hands-on sessions with live models to apply learned techniques
  • Guidance and feedback from experienced instructors during practical sessions
  • Building confidence in executing a wide range of haircuts and styles

Assessment and Certification:

  • Continuous assessment through practical exercises and theoretical quizzes
  • Final practical exam where students showcase their skills on live models
  • Course completion certificate awarded to participants who demonstrate proficiency

15 Days

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