15 Days Online Makeup Master Class

The 15-day Online Makeup Master Class at Wibes Academy offers an immersive journey into the world of makeup artistry, equipping participants with skills to create stunning looks for various occasions. The course covers a wide spectrum of makeup techniques, from theory to specialized styles, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience.

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Day 1-3: Theory of Makeup

  • Introduction to makeup artistry: Historical context and contemporary trends.
  • Understanding skin types, tones, and undertones.
  • Essentials of makeup tools and products.
  • Colour theory and its application in makeup.
  • Practical understanding of base makeup: Foundation, concealer, and powder.
Day 4: Corporate Makeup Look
  • Creating a polished and professional makeup look suitable for the corporate setting.
  • Neutral colour palette and subtle application techniques.
  • Focus on enhancing facial features without overpowering.
  • Tips for long-lasting makeup throughout the workday.
  • Balancing professionalism with a touch of elegance.
Day 5: Nude Makeup
  • Introduction to the popular Nude Makeup trend.
  • Achieving a natural and understated appearance.
  • Emphasis on enhancing features without heavy makeup.
  • Techniques for achieving flawless skin with minimal products.
  • Achieving the "no-makeup" makeup look.
Day 6: Glam Look
  • Introduction to the Glam Look: Achieving a bold and dramatic appearance.
  • Techniques for creating flawless skin with a radiant finish.
  • Emphasizing eyes: Intense eye shadow and voluminous lashes.
  • Sculpting the face: Contouring and highlighting for impactful features.
  • Tips for enhancing lips and achieving a captivating glamorous look.
Day 7: Haldi Look
  • Preparing for special occasions: The Haldi ceremony.
  • Techniques for a fresh and radiant appearance.
  • Utilizing warm tones to complement the occasion.
  • Ensuring makeup longevity amidst ceremonial traditions.
  • Tips for maintaining a glowing look throughout the day.
Day 8: Engagement Look
  • Crafting an elegant and captivating makeup look for engagement celebrations.
  • Playing with soft colours and subtle shimmer.
  • Enhancing eyes with defined eyeliner and eyeshadow techniques.
  • Achieving a balance between natural and glamorous.
  • Focus on long-lasting makeup for engagement festivities.
Day 9: Basic Bridal Look
  • Introduction to bridal makeup: Understanding the bride's preferences.
  • Crafting a timeless bridal appearance with a focus on elegance.
  • Techniques for achieving a radiant base with long-lasting finish.
  • Accentuating eyes and lips to complement bridal attire.
  • Ensuring makeup that withstands emotional moments.
Day 10: Modern Bridal Look HD
  • Embracing contemporary bridal trends for a modern appearance.
  • Achieving high-definition makeup for photography and videography.
  • Highlighting intricate details: Eyes, lips, and contours.
  • Incorporating advanced techniques for a polished bridal look.
  • Tips for achieving camera-ready makeup.
Day 11: Different Eye Makeup
  • Mastering various eye makeup styles: Smokey eyes, cut crease, and halo eyes.
  • Understanding eyeshadow blending techniques.
  • Experimenting with colour combinations and gradients.
  • Tips for creating dimension and depth on the eyelids.
Day 12: Different Eye Liner Techniques
  • Exploring diverse eyeliner techniques: Winged, graphic, and double eyeliner.
  • Practicing precise application for various eye shapes.
  • Tips for achieving symmetry and clean lines.
  • Experimenting with eyeliner styles to enhance eye shape.
Day 13: Royal Indian Bridal HD
  • Delving into traditional Indian bridal makeup.
  • Achieving a regal appearance with bold colours and intricate designs.
  • Mastering complex eyeshadow and eyeliner techniques.
  • Highlighting facial jewellery and adornments.
  • Ensuring a cohesive and striking bridal look.
Day 14: Basic Airbrush Makeup
  • Introduction to airbrush makeup: Benefits and techniques.
  • Achieving a flawless and seamless base with airbrush.
  • Enhancing eye makeup and defining features.
  • Tips for achieving long-lasting and lightweight makeup.
  • Practical experience with airbrush tools and products.
Day 15: Media Makeup HD Looks
  • Understanding makeup for media appearances: Television, photo-shoots, and videos.
  • Achieving high-definition makeup for camera scrutiny.
  • Techniques for flawless and enduring makeup under bright lights.
  • Emphasizing facial features to suit different media platforms.
  • Ensuring makeup that translates effectively on screen.

15 Days

Anyone who has an exceptional Passion for Makeup.

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