15 Days Online Nails Master Class

Introducing Wibes Academy's 15-Day Online Nails Master Class – your gateway to becoming a skilled nail artist. Dive into the world of nail care, artistry, and extensions through a comprehensive journey that covers everything from basic nail care to intricate nail art techniques.

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Day 1-2: Introduction to Nail Care and Anatomy

  • Overview of the Online Nails Master Class and its objectives.
  • Understanding the importance of nail care and hygiene.
  • Nail anatomy: Structure of nails and their different components.
  • Common nail concerns and their causes.
  • Introduction to nail tools and products.
Day 3-4: Basic Nail Preparation and Manicure Techniques
  • Introduction to manicure techniques for healthy nails.
  • Steps for nail preparation: Cleaning, shaping, and filing.
  • Cuticle care and techniques for pushing back cuticles.
  • Hand massage techniques for relaxation and improved circulation.
  • Practicing the perfect base for nail polish application.
Day 5-6: Nail Polish Application and Nail Art Basics
  • Techniques for applying nail polish evenly and smoothly.
  • Exploring different types of nail polish: Regular, gel, and hybrid.
  • Creating a classic French manicure with precise tips.
  • Introduction to nail art tools and their uses.
  • Basic nail art techniques: Dots, lines, and simple designs.
Day 7-8: Exploring Nail Shapes and Lengths
  • Understanding different nail shapes: Square, round, oval, and almond.
  • Tips for achieving consistent and symmetrical nail shapes.
  • Techniques for extending nail length using tips and forms.
  • Creating natural-looking nail extensions.
  • Practicing filing and shaping for different nail lengths.
Day 9-10: Perfecting Gel Nail Extensions
  • Introduction to gel nail extensions: Benefits and techniques.
  • Applying gel extensions with tips and forms.
  • Understanding UV and LED curing methods.
  • Creating a flawless and durable gel extension finish.
  • Tips for achieving long-lasting gel extensions.
Day 11-12: Nail Art and Embellishments
  • Exploring advanced nail art techniques: Stamping, gradients, and decals.
  • Introduction to 3D nail art: Using gems, studs, and charms.
  • Incorporating glitter and metallic elements for added flair.
  • Tips for achieving intricate and detailed nail art designs.
  • Creating cohesive nail art compositions.
Day 13-14: Mastering Nail Extensions and Sculpting
  • Introduction to acrylic nail extensions: Materials and techniques.
  • Applying acrylic extensions with forms and nail tips.
  • Sculpting acrylic nails for customized lengths and shapes.
  • Perfecting acrylic application and achieving smooth surfaces.
  • Tips for maintaining acrylic nails and preventing lifting.
Day 15: Final Nail Art Showcase and Recap
  • Reviewing all learned nail care and nail art techniques.
  • Showcasing your skills through a final nail art creation.
  • Sharing progress and experiences with fellow participants.
  • Receiving feedback from instructors and peers.
  • Certification ceremony: Recognizing your accomplishment in the Online Nails Master Class.

15 Days 

Anyone who wants to start a career in Nail Arts & Extension.

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