International Certificate in Advance Micro-needling & Extensions for Hair

The International Certificate in Advanced Micro-needling & Extensions for Hair is a comprehensive and specialized course designed to equip participants with advanced knowledge and practical skills in the innovative field of micro-needling for hair restoration and rejuvenation. This course is specifically tailored for professionals in the beauty and haircare industry who seek to expand their expertise and offer cutting-edge solutions to clients experiencing hair-related concerns.

Throughout this intensive program, participants will delve into the science behind micro-needling, understanding how controlled micro-injuries stimulate the body's natural healing processes and promote hair growth. They will gain insight into various micro-needling techniques, tools, and equipment, as well as learn how to assess and tailor treatments to individual client needs.

Students will delve into the theory and practical application of various hair extension methods, including tape-ins, micro rings, keratin fusion, and clip-ins. They will learn how to assess clients' needs, select the appropriate hair extensions, and flawlessly apply them to achieve natural-looking results.

The curriculum encompasses a range of topics, from understanding hair types and textures to color matching and blending techniques. Moreover, students will gain insights into aftercare procedures, maintenance, and the safe removal of hair extensions.

Under the guidance of experienced professionals, participants will have hands-on training with real clients, enabling them to build confidence and develop their artistic flair. Additionally, the course will cover essential business aspects, such as client consultations, pricing strategies, and marketing, to help students establish successful careers as certified hair extension specialists.

1.    Hair Extension Methods: A Comparative Study
2.    Hair Types and Textures: Understanding Diversity
3.    Color Matching and Blending Techniques for Seamless Extensions
4.    Client Consultations: Assessing Needs and Expectations
5.    Practical Application: Tape-ins, Micro Rings, Keratin Fusion, and Clip-ins
6.    Achieving Natural-Looking Results: Art and Precision
7.    Aftercare and Maintenance: Ensuring Longevity
8.    Safe Removal of Hair Extensions: Techniques and Precautions
9.    Building a Successful Hair Extension Business: Marketing and Branding
10.    Trends in Hair Extensions: Staying Ahead in the Industry
11.    Introduction to Microneedling in Hair Restoration: Understanding the basics of microneedling, its historical context, and its relevance in modern hair rejuvenation techniques.
12.    Anatomy and Physiology of Hair: In-depth study of hair growth cycles, hair follicle structure, and the biological factors influencing hair health.
13.    Microneedling Devices and Techniques: Familiarization with different microneedling devices, their specifications, and the selection of appropriate tools for specific hair conditions.
14.    Microneedling Serums and Solutions: Exploration of serums and solutions used in conjunction with microneedling for optimal results and client satisfaction.
15.    Microneedling Safety and Hygiene: Understanding safety protocols, infection control, and best practices to ensure safe and hygienic microneedling procedures.
16.    Client Consultation and Assessment: Developing effective communication skills for client consultation, analyzing hair concerns, and formulating personalized treatment plans.
17.    Microneedling Procedure for Hair: Step-by-step guidance on performing microneedling treatments for various hair and scalp conditions.
18.    Post-Treatment Care and Maintenance: Educating clients on post-treatment care and recommending follow-up procedures for successful hair rejuvenation outcomes.
19.    Handling Complications and Risks: Identifying potential complications and managing adverse effects of microneedling treatments with professionalism and expertise.

25 Days

Basic Diploma Course in Hair

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