International Diploma in Clinical Cosmetology

The Clinical Aesthetics Certification Course, offered exclusively by Wibes Academy in Ahmedabad, stands out as one of the best beauty academies in the region. As one of the premier institutions, Wibes Academy prides itself on being a leader in providing top-notch beauty education.

With a reputation for excellence, Wibes Academy is recognized for being one of the best BB Glow trainers in Ahmedabad, offering comprehensive training in this sought-after technique. Additionally, it's renowned as one of the best Semi-Permanent Makeup academies in Ahmedabad, where students learn the art of microblading, micropigmentation, and more.

This course encompasses a diverse range of modules, from ethical considerations to practical hands-on sessions, ensuring that students receive a well-rounded education. Graduates of Wibes Academy's Clinical Aesthetics Certification Course not only gain in-depth knowledge but also earn the prestigious International Diploma in Clinical Aesthetics from IEBDAC UK. Prepare for a rewarding career in aesthetics with the guidance and expertise of one of the best academies in Ahmedabad, Wibes Academy.

Module 1: Introduction to Clinical Aesthetics
1) Understanding the role of clinical aesthetics in the beauty and skincare industry
2) Ethical and legal considerations in aesthetic practices
3) Client consultation and skin assessment techniques

Module 2: BB Glow and CC Glow Techniques
1) Principles of BB Glow and CC Glow treatments
2) Different types of serums and pigments used
3) Application techniques for achieving even skin tone and complexion enhancement
4) Pre and post-treatment care for optimal results

Module 3: Permanent Makeup
1) Introduction to permanent makeup (microblading, micropigmentation)
2) Techniques for eyebrows, lips, kajal, liner, and beauty spot enhancement
3) Color theory and pigment selection
4) Hygiene and safety protocols in permanent makeup procedures

Module 4: Hydra Facial
1) Understanding the Hydra Facial procedure and its benefits
2) Equipment overview and handling
3) Step-by-step procedure: cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, hydration, and protection
4) Customization for different skin types and concerns

Module 5: Diamond Dermabrasion
1) Principles of diamond dermabrasion as a skin resurfacing technique
2) Skin anatomy and different types of skin irregularities addressed
3) Proper handling and use of diamond-tipped devices
4) Post-treatment care and client education

Module 6: Chemical Peeling
1) Overview of chemical peeling and its indications
2) Different types of chemical peels (superficial, medium, deep)
3) Peeling agents and their mechanisms of action
4) Pre-peel preparation and post-peel aftercare

Module 7: Safety and Hygiene in Clinical Aesthetics
1) Infection control practices and sterilization techniques
2) Personal protective equipment (PPE) usage
3) Handling and disposal of sharps and hazardous materials
4) Cross-contamination prevention

Module 8: Business and Professional Development
1) Marketing strategies and building a client base
2) Communication skills and managing client expectations
3) Continuing education and staying updated with industry trends

Module 9: Practical Hands-on Sessions

Module 10: Final Assessments and Certification
1) Written and practical assessments to evaluate knowledge and skills
2) Successful candidates will be awarded the International Diploma in Clinical Aesthetics from IEBDAC UK

30 Days to 45 Days

Prior Knowledge in Beauty Industry is Mandatory

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